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A spray deck is available for the PakCanoe 160, 165 and 170 folding canoes. The cover is made of sturdy polyurethane coated fabric and attaches to the canoe skin with a lacing system that allows loads above the level of the gunwales. Aluminum wave deflectors support the spray cover in front of each cockpit, and rope pockets at each end keep ropes handy, yet organized.

The two-piece design allows easy access to gear without removing the cover from the canoe. It is most convenient to lace the spray cover on in 3 parts. Lace the bow and stern areas past the cockpits and secure with knots. You can then open and close the mid-section separately without disturbing the lacing of the rest of the cover. 

A spray cover will keep you and your gear dry in the rain and keep spray out of the canoe in waves and whitewater. It will also keep you much warmer and more comfortable on a cold and windy day. A cover is not a substitute for prudent judgment in the wilderness.

For more information about the spray cover, please download the Spray Cover Installation Instructions.

spray deck pakcanoe

Code: SD-PC-160/165/170

• 2-pc spray deck
• Wave deflection hoops
• 2 built-in spray skirts
• Pockets
• D-rings

Safety note: spray decks must not be used in order to run whitewater conditions more difficult than those that can normally handled by the paddling crew without a cover.

A pair of 1/2" thick 5" x 45" knee pads install lengthwise in the PakCanoe to cover the cross rib in front of and behind your knees. They fit in the space  inboard of the chine and provide a stable stance for kneeling. The pads protect your shins and give your knees an inch of foam padding.

In a folding canoe with a fabric bottom, it is important to use knee pads when you kneel in whitewater. Fabric is pliable, and your weight will push the fabric bottom down under your knees so that your knees form low points, and they are exposed to be hurt by running into a rock in the river. Knee pads provide effective protection, and they lift your knees out of the water that inevitably collects in a canoe.

pakcanoe knee pads

Code: KP-PC
• 2 foam pads
• Adjustable straps
• Colour: Gray


This seat is made with a woven webbing top on a wooden frame. It spans the width of the canoe and rests on horizontal rails attached to the canoe frame. The seat is adjustable forward & back and can also be adjusted up & down.

The picture shows the stern seat. The bow seat is wider and has a wider seating area. Please specify when you order. 

Code: CS-B-PC

This unique seat offers two alternative paddling positions - horizontal for sitting and slanted forward to support kneeling. You can change between the two positions with one hand in less than 5 seconds. The seat can be mounted in several alternative locations in the canoe and folds flat for storage.

Code: CS-PC
• Web seat
• Anodized aluminium framing
• Adjustable straps
• 2 adjustable sitting positions

This seat is like our standard adjustable seat but has a sliding base that can be positioned between cross rib positions. 

pakcanoe sliding seat

Code: CS-S-PC
• Web seat
• Anodized aluminium framing
• Adjustable straps
• Variable position

This is a mini-Thermarest pad in a protective cover that attaches to PakCanoe seats - and to most standard canoe seats. Last summer we tested one of these as well as a gel pad on a five-day canoe trip. Both pads worked well, but the gel pad was much heavier, and we could not see that it had any advantages over the self-inflating one. There is a trick to using the self inflating pad. If it is fully inflated, you may feel that your position is unstable. You can solve this problem by letting out air until you start feeling contact with the seat itself.

Bonus: Lightly inflated, the seat pad makes a very comfortable pillow. I use mine on top of my life jacket to make the pillow thick enough.

Code: SP-PFN

The motor mount is primarily intended for electric trolling motors, but will also work for outboards up to 2 HP. Two good choices are the Yamaha 2 HP (20 lbs) and the Honda (27 lbs). To use an outboard, you need to counterbalance its weight with about 50 lbs in the boat on the opposite side forward of center and add flotation in the stern, equal to the weight of motor and battery. A large water jug works well. With its flexible clamping system the motor mount works on all PakCanoe folding canoes and on the Puffin II folding kayak, but gasoline outboards should only be used on the wider PakCanoe folding canoes.

pakcanoe motor mount


Code: MM-CP

allows use of an electric motor (only) with the Puffin II
• motor weight must be counter-balanced with weight placed inside the kayak on the opposite side


A shaped wooden yoke clamps securely to the gunwales. Installation takes less than 2 minutes and on a two-person canoe, the yoke can be left on while under way to act as a center thwart.

With the portage yoke you can easily do a one-man carry. To balance the canoe on your shoulders, mount the yoke so that the canoe tends to tip down behind you. You can then use the weight of your arms to balance it.

Compared to other canoes, the PakCanoe is more comfortable to carry on a yoke. Traditional canoes are very stiff, and you will feel the load with every step. The PakCanoe's more flexible hull helps absorb the impact.

The removable portage yoke aids portaging the PakCanoe folding canoe around difficult rapids or waterfalls. It also helps stabilize the gunwales. You can keep the yoke installed while under way. Length is determined by canoe model.

pakcanoe portage yoke

Code: Y-PC
• Solid wood
• 2 Clamps
• Variable length


The rowing rig clamps to the canoe's gunwales and can be moved front to back over a wide range to ensure correct trim.  The rig positions the oarlocks outside the gunwales for comfortable padling.

pakcanoe rowing rig Code: RR-PC
• Solid wood
• 4 Clamps

The conversion kit changes the hull shape of the PakCanoe 140, 150, or 165 between wide stable sport canoe and a deep wilderness touring shape.
• 4-6 additional crossribs , used to hange the hull shape of the PakCanoes 140 or 150 or 165
• convert the narrow and deep whitewater solo 140 into the wider, ore stable tandem 140T
• convert the narrow and deep whitewater solo  150 into the wider, more stable tandem 150T
• convert the narrow and deep whitewater  solo/tandem 165 into the wider, more stable tandem 165T

Whale Tails are cut from laminated foam/fabric material similar to what we use in PakCanoe bottoms. They provide effective padding to protect roof loads like canoes as well as the roof rack itself. Whale tails install securely and easily on the roof rack bars and are easily removed when not in use.
pakcanoe whale tails roof rack pads to secure a canoe or kayak on car roof Code: RR-P
• Foam pads
• Roof rack bars


Instead of developing a line of fishing accessories, Pakboats offers attachments for the popular Scotty accessory line. Scotty’s mount board has been adapted to clamp securely to Puffin gunwales.  The mount board can hold 3 items like rod holders, fish finder, or cup holder - in any combination.
• Wood mount board with 2 clamps
• 3 item holder

A keel strip covers the bottom of each Pakboat under the keel and adds abrasion resistance where it is most needed. Each new Puffin or XT comes with the reinforcement strip factory installed, and the Keel Strip Kit is used to repair worn reinforcement strips. The Keel Strip Kit consists of a 17 ft long and 3 inches wide 30 mil strip of black PVC film, adhesive, and installation instructions.

Code: KS-K-PC
• 30 mil. PVC strip 
• Adhesive  
• Installation Instructions
D-ring patches are handy to attach painters or tracking lines. The ones we offer have 1 inch stainless steel D-rings and black vinyl patches to match the canoe's trim and be compatible with the vinyl adhesive.  The kit is completed with or without adhesive.
Code: DR-PC
The repair kit includes fabric patches for the sides and bottom, a can of adhesive and comes in a draw string nylon bag. Please indicate boat color.
pakboats repair kit extra pvc strips, vinyl adhesive Code: RK-PC
• Patch for sides 
• Patch for bottom 
• PVC adhesive 
• Packed in nylon bag

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